Saturday, June 11, 2011

khmer Food

Tourism in Cambodia is now develop the number of tourism is been increasing people always try to find the place to entertain and find the suitable restaurant or places that provide a nice flavor foods. Cambodia serves variety type of traditional food to show how the identity of Cambodian is. I’m going to describe the name of foods as following.
            Rice is the staple food of Cambodian. Almost every meal includes a bowl of rice. Prohok is known as Cambodia cheese.  It made from fish and it is smelly but it is very tasty. Instead of the Prohok, Cambodia also have some popular dishes.  
Popular Dishes: 
Amok Trey-- Fish covered with kroeung and coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed

Loc Lac-Stir fried cubed beef served with fresh red onions, served on a bed of lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes and dipped in a sauce consisting of lime juice and black pepper.

Pork Noodle soup(Ka Tieu)- Cambodian usually eat in the breakfast. 

Caw-A braised pork or chicken and egg stew flavored in caramelized palm sugar. It may contain tofu or bamboo shoots.

 All in all, Cambodian does not have only our own traditional food.  Cambodia has many kind of different country food also such as Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, etc.


  1. Yeah I think in Cambodia has a lot of tasty food that mix with other country food taste, and it taste very good. And like you said ‘’ Cambodia does not have only our own traditional food, it has many kinds of different country food also such as Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan etc... However, I think that Cambodia also has many kind of its traditional food also. For example, Amok trey as you said; for this food it has two kind, one kind is mix with Thailand taste, and the other kind does not mix with other country. It means that it’s a traditional food. Moreover, Somlor KorKo, Somlor Tnout a kind of Soup, Pa Ork same as Prohok but not as smelly as Prohok. All kinds of these food are an Cambodian traditional food, I bet.

  2. Sonita you have an interesting topic here. I like eating Delicious foods and especially Khmer foods. As you mentioned the foods about, i believe some of the food are not Cambodia foods. For example Pork Noodle Soup is originally from China and was brought to Cambodia and became one of the well known foods for Khmer people.

  3. I know that some of the food that I have mentioned in here is not original come from Cambodia, but most of them were well eaten most in Cambodia.

  4. So why you include all of that foods in Khmer food?

  5. As I said above, I include that food because most of them were well eaten by Cambodian and known by all Cambodian.

  6. Yeah this foods just eaten by Cambodian, so it is not Khmer foods and should not put it in Khmer foods list. Maybe you can change the topic to Cambodia Popular Foods :D